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indexpic3.jpg Welcome to The New Hilary's Hangout!! Since its the ten year anniversary of Hilary's Metamorphosis CD.I have decided to once again begin work on one of the oldest and best Hilary sites out there! Thanks and enjoy! Any input, suggestions, or constructive criticism is welcome. index1.jpg


Proud To be the oldest and still operating Hilary Duff Fan Site On The Internet!!

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Photos from Hilary's Cosmopolitan Shoot:

Happy New Year! From New Hilary's Hangout


Television Schedule:

BRAVO SAT MAY 7 11:50PM Movie: Cheaper by the Dozen

BRAVO SUN MAY 8 2:00AM Movie: Cheaper by the Dozen

USA SUN MAY 8 2:00PM TV Show: Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Selfish

All Times are EDT

Official videos of Hilary's Latest Singles:

Buy It on Itunes

Buy It on Amazon

Hilary's new single is now out! Enjoy the youtube video below! Also check out Itunes


Spotify to purchase the song

Available now on Amazon


Google Play


Hilary's Album

Hilary's new album, Breathe in, Breathe out is now available everywhere! Click the links below or any of your local music/entertainment stores.



Google Play





⇒ Live Q&A with Hilary 6/2/15 9:30 PM EST 6:30 PST on Twitter #ASKHILARY

Younger has been picked up for a second season! Episodes also available on Itunes

⇒ Pre-order Hilary's new album Breathe In Breathe Out Here or on Amazon(Available June 16 2015)

⇒ Pre-order Hilary's new album and get your name in the booklet. Go Here!

⇒ Look for Hilary of the cover of Cosmopolitan magazine in stores March 10 2015

⇒ Watch Younger premiere online now Here!

⇒ 10/11/14 Hilary will be available to answer your questions. Sign up Here

⇒ A new date set for Younger premier! January 13th 2015!

All About You video set to premier Wednesday Sept 24 on Vevo! Check back here for the video soon after

⇒ An announcement was made by Hilary on Twitter saying her album will be delayed for a few months

⇒ Hilary's new album is due out in October of this year

⇒ Another new single is available from Hilary! Check out the links below to buy or listen

⇒ Hilary is scheduled to be on the Teen Choice Awards Sunday August 10 on Fox

⇒ Hilary is scheduled to be on Marquee NYC this coming Thursday (7/24/14) and is expected to drop her new single

⇒ TVLand Picked up Younger for 12 episodes for a Fall 2014 premiere

⇒ Hilary is set to release new single titled Breathing Room this spring from her fifth album due out this fall

⇒ filming wrapped for TVLand pilot Younger

⇒ Hilary has shot a promo for Younger and is headed back to the studio.

⇒ Hilary is in the studio!

⇒ look for Hilary on Dora The Explorer Hil does the voice of Ice Witch

⇒ Feb 2014 Hilary is scheduled to shoot a pilot for TVLand entitled Younger


8/31/14 site search engine added on index page

4/9/14 character pages up in Pure Lizzie section

4/2/14 work started on Lizzie's Diary on Pure Lizzie

3/13/14 stars' pages updates on Pure Lizzie

3/2/14 work started on Pure Lizzie section of this site

Hilary's biography page

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12/15/13 television page is updated



Hilary and husband Mark Comrie are trying for a second child?

FALSE Hilary says while she would love to have a second child, now is not the time and right now her only baby is her new album

Hilary is playing Clare on the upcoming NBC show Girlfriend In A Coma FALSE

Reps for the show said that she was quoted to play Clare but changes occurred

Hilary and husband Mark Comrie have separated TRUE

The couple decided to separate but still remain good friends. They intend to remain in each others' lives and are dedicated to loving and parenting their son. They ask for privacy at this time.



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