Jake Thomas

Full Name: Jake Thomas

DOB: January 30 1990

Pre-Lizzie projects:


1993 3rd Rock from the Sun(TV Series) "kid"

1999 The Man Show(TV Series) "Jake"

1999 Touched By An Angel(TV Series)"Thomas"

1999 Hefner: Unauthorized(TV Movie) "Young Hef "

2000 The Cell "Young Carl Stargher "

2000 If Tomorrow Comes "Young Adam "

2001 A.I. Artificial Intelligence(Movie) "Martin Swinton "

2002 Body & Soul(TV Series) "Raymond White"

2003 Sixteen to Life (TV Movie) "Mike"

2003 Christmas Vacation 2: Cousin Eddie's Island Adventure(TV Movie) "Third Johnson"

2004 WIthout a Trace(TV Series) "Eric Miller"

Post-Lizzie projects:


2004 Dinocroc "Michael Banning"

2004Soccer Dog: European Cup "Zach Connolly "

2005 Center of the Universe(TV Series) "Waylon"

2006 Monster Night(video) "Issac Ackerman "

2003-2007 The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy "Nigel"(voice)

2007-2008 Cory In The House(TV Series) "Jason Stickler "

2008 Aces 'N' Eights(TV Movie) "Noah"

2008 ER(TV Series) "Nick Riley "

2008 Cold Case(TV Series) "Hugh Mastersen '78"

2009 Lie To Me(TV Series) "James Coles "

2009 Eleventh Hour(TV Series) "Brian Dahl"

2009 House M.D.(TV Series) "Ryan"

2009 Trust Me(TV Series) "Steve"

2009 CSI: Miami(TV Series) "Lucas Galinetti "

2009 Rules Of Engagement(TV Series) "Toby"

2009 Ghost Whisperer(TV Series) "Andrew Carlin"

2010 Locked Away "Kevin"

2010 The Whole Truth(TV Series) "Mark Esposito"

2010 Criminal Minds(TV Series) "Scott Kagan "

2010 The Assignment "Spencer"

2011 The Secret Life of the American Teenager(TV Series)

2011 Betrayal at 17(TV Movie) "Shane Ross"

2012 NCIS(TV Series) "Alec Dell"

2012 CSI: NY(TV Series) "Steve Davis"


2001 Express Yourself(TV Series)

2002 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards '02(Awards Show)

2002 Movie Surfers(TV Series)

2002 AI/FX(Video Documentary short)

2004 Hilary's Roman Adventure(Video Documentary)

2004 Lizzie McGuire Box Set: Volume one- Bonus Material(video short)

2006 New Year Sing-A-Long Bowl-A-Thon! (TV Movie)

2007 Fears: Popstar Interview(short)

2004 Hilary's Roman Adventure(Video Documentary)


2006 Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer (Video game) "Brave"(voice)


Current projects:

2014 Ambivalence(post-production) "Lucas"

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